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Thank you for visiting "The Darker Side"!

We are a Sargeras based PVE guild that is quite unlike the vast majority of World of Warcraft guilds in how we are structured. To start with our guild is not one just built around a guild master and his officer friends. Guilds like that usually only have one raid team and it is built around the guild leaders. We don't use that system.

Instead, our guild has Guild Managers (Tier 1) who handle guild operations ranging from recruitment, creation of raid teams, keeping the peace, Discord and website usasge. We then have Raid Officers (Tier 2) who actually study the bossfights, manage the raid teams, and get the players placed on these rosters to function as a team for raid progression.

All of our raid teams have two set nights they raid on. Most of the players here are retired hardcore players. Most of us have families, careers, are college students, or for some valid reason can only really dedicate two nights a week to raid. Because we only have teams raid two nights a week, we created multiple raid teams spread out during the week to help players try and find a team to play on. 

For raiding in Legion and Battle for Azeroth, we have two raid teams.  Both teams are geared towards pushing Heroic content with the intent being if they clear all heroic content they as a team will push into Mythic. Attendance and raid awareness on these teams is pretty darn important as a result.

We are overall a diverse guild with players of all ages and genders. Who said ladies don't play video games? We have lots of female gamers here. We also have players ranging in age from late teens to late sixites. College students, retired military, business execs, housewives, and the insane all call the guild home.

Concerning the experience of the leadership, we have all played since Vanilla WoW. Our last guild was managed for a solid 5 years of which we are using here the very same guild management structure we developed during that 5 year period.

Our primary rule is "Rule #1: Do nothing in game or in the guild that brings a bad reputation to the guild"

If our guild sounds like something you may be happy being a part of, fill out our mini app and a response will be given with 48 hrs.
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